Friday, June 17, 2011

Blessed Two Year Olds!

I'm sure all two year olds eat dinner like this...

Life with my little man is never boring.  He's so sweet.. He'll come up and cuddle me and give me a big smooch then turn around and sock me in the arm.  I love that he's all boy. 

Ike started talking a long time ago.  Maybe because he's always around girls but dude can chatter!  It's funny.. but lately he has started really saying a lot.. not just talking.  I need to start writing it all down so I don't forget.  Here's a few I thought were funny.

He washes his hands in the bathtub because he can reach the faucet to turn it on and it's on his level.  I handed him soap the other night to go wash his VERY dirty hands.  He came running back in after a minute or so and exclaimed: Yook (look) mommy!  They all clean! He was so excited.  I was so proud.

My cousin Nate was visiting from L.A.  Ike is nuts about him and wanted to ride from our house to Nate's parents with him.  In the car Nate started telling him how he wanted Ike to visit L.A. so they could pick up chicks.  Ike said, "I can't!"  Nate asked him why not and he said, "because they too heavy!"  Nathan was able to convince him, however, that they could and he proudly told me, "Momma I pick up chickens!  Not cock a doodle doos!"  That's my boy!  No girls.. just farm animals and no male farm animals at that! 

I sure love him.