Saturday, July 16, 2011

Ike's First Big Boy Movie

Ike's first full length movie "love" was Cars, or Broom! Broom! (Vroom! Vroom!) as he would call it. We watched it several times a day for several months. I can quote it in it's entirety.. :) So when I heard about Cars 2 last winter I knew it would be Ike's first theater experience! Ok, actually I took him with me at 3 months to see The Proposal and he screamed or laughed hysterically through most of it. I stood as close to the door as I could and still see the screen. And my best friend, Donnally, and I got the bright idea to take him to see The Grown Ups and didn't make it through the credits before we had to leave. But this would be his first real movie experience. I've been so excited! I wanted to take him to our local 2 screen cheap place so I've waited a few weeks but alas, all they are playing is junk so I finally bit the bullet and took Ike and my other "kid" Tara to Fort Smith last night. It was worth the 160 miles round trip and extra cost because Ike LOVED it! He sat so still by himself through 1/3 rd of it then on my lap until the very end when he stood and watched very still. It was a blast! I can't wait to take him more often. I love the movies and have missed it so much since having Ike.

Watching so still and so cute! I can't get over how big he looks!

Tara and I, I started taking this before I realized the flash would blind everyone. Oops. It was at the end though and I don't think anyone complained.

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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Cowboy Up!

This evening Ike went on his first true horseback ride at my Bestie, Donnally's, family ranch. I totally expected him to freak out but he rocked it!

He wanted to ride, "the whole thang" meaning all by himself. Mr. Rich led him around for a while than rode with him. It was precious! We had a blast!

So proud of my big boy!

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Friday, June 17, 2011

Blessed Two Year Olds!

I'm sure all two year olds eat dinner like this...

Life with my little man is never boring.  He's so sweet.. He'll come up and cuddle me and give me a big smooch then turn around and sock me in the arm.  I love that he's all boy. 

Ike started talking a long time ago.  Maybe because he's always around girls but dude can chatter!  It's funny.. but lately he has started really saying a lot.. not just talking.  I need to start writing it all down so I don't forget.  Here's a few I thought were funny.

He washes his hands in the bathtub because he can reach the faucet to turn it on and it's on his level.  I handed him soap the other night to go wash his VERY dirty hands.  He came running back in after a minute or so and exclaimed: Yook (look) mommy!  They all clean! He was so excited.  I was so proud.

My cousin Nate was visiting from L.A.  Ike is nuts about him and wanted to ride from our house to Nate's parents with him.  In the car Nate started telling him how he wanted Ike to visit L.A. so they could pick up chicks.  Ike said, "I can't!"  Nate asked him why not and he said, "because they too heavy!"  Nathan was able to convince him, however, that they could and he proudly told me, "Momma I pick up chickens!  Not cock a doodle doos!"  That's my boy!  No girls.. just farm animals and no male farm animals at that! 

I sure love him.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Who I Am...

Like most people I know, the most important parts of my life consist of:

1. My Faith
2. My Family
3. My Friends

I am blessed beyond my wildest dreams.  But my life is nothing like I thought it would be.. I had big huge dreams and big huge plans and I've watched my life (honestly it almost feels like I'm sitting and watching it sometimes as odd as that sounds..) over the past 3 years unfold into a story totally different than the one I dreamed up.  I am SO thankful though.. It's a sweet and simple life, one I'm sure I'm much more suited for than the big and important one I had planned. 

My faith is truly the core of who I am.  I don't always follow it exactly, I mess up a lot.. I believe the term, "prone to wander" fits me well.  I am independent by nature and I tend to head out full speed ahead in my own direction before even realize what I'm doing.  God is gracious and He always gently (and sometimes not so gently) pulls me back where I belong, its not to say I haven't gained my share of bruises though from my wayward travels.  I was saved at a very young age and though I may not be the loudest to shout it, I believe to the very depths of who I am.

My family is fantastic (and quite large)!  I'm #3 of 6 in a crazy 'Yours, Mine and Ours' situation.  I have a dad that challenges me constantly (sometimes I appreciate it and sometimes I don't).  A sweet step- mom who has helped raise my sister and I as her own for the best 25 years, a mom who I love and cherish more ever day, and a step-dad who takes good care of my mom (and that means a lot to me).  I have 4 sisters and 1 spoiled brother.  Never a dull moment.  In January of 2009 my life flipped upside down when I gave birth to the sweetest little man, with a head full of black hair, he is the greatest part of my world.  Sometimes I feel like if I loved him anymore my heart would burst.  I don't know what I did to ever find such favor with God that He found it right to bless me with Ike.  He pushes me and encourages me and makes me laugh, cry and scream (sometimes all in the same 5 mins)!  He is the greatest joy in my life.  Two has already proved to be an intense year.  I love watching him as he grows and learns.  It fascinates me how he soaks up knowledge like a sponge.  I know God has great things planned for him.  I honored to be his mommy.  Let me tell you, with Ike as well as my 4 nieces, life is never boring for our family.

I've been thinking a lot lately about friends, I wouldn't say I have just a HUGE number of people I'm closed to, there isn't time with that huge family, but I'm so thankful for the ones I do have.  I love how God brings people into your life to challenge and encourage you in the different seasons of life.  I have older friends who I can run to for wisdom, other mommy friends who encourage me and advise me and help me remember that crazy is normal sometimes.  I have friends who are in different seasons of their lives and they allow me to relax and just enjoy life with them, kind of take a break from my nutty reality, and I have young friends, the sweet little ones who bless my heart and who I can encourage from time to time.  I'm certain that all those different relationships are vital to making us whole people in our communities.  I so cherish all of mine.

I have goals and dreams, places I want to go and see.  I think way too much and rarely finish projects I start.  I'm confident that 24 hours is not enough for one day and I never seem to get enough sleep.  I want to love freely and completely.  I want to walk with God so close that when He moves, I move, like a little girl dancing on her daddy's feet.  I want to raise a Godly son, one who changes his world.  I want to love a man and serve him as the best wife I can be.  I want to speak only kind words about people and I want to keep a clean house.  I'm so flawed but so ready to become the woman I was made to be.